Friday, February 27, 2009


We went to Columbia a couple of weekends ago to meet John's family for February birthdays. This is John's brother, Richard with Porter.

We went back to Richard's house after our birthday supper and we all got on his Wii Fit to see our weight and Wii Fit age. This is John's grandmother, Helen. Her age was right on the money, where it should be, 90 years old! I hope and pray I am in the shape she's in when I'm 90!!

Last weekend we celebrated January, February, and March birthdays with my family. This is my grandmother with her two great grandchildren, Haley and Porter! She was so happy to see them and showed them off to all of her friends and neighbors down the hall. We even interrupted musical hats at their activity time!!

Nana was so excited to see Porter and it was so great to spend time with them too!

I couldn't resist taking this picture. I was talking to John on the phone and Porter was whining a little bit and I was telling John I better go put him down for a nap, and the next thing I knew he was out like a light!

We tried rice cereal a few days ago and Porter was more interested in the bowl than the cereal. We'll try again soon:)

Chillin' - Thanks Sara Carrington for this cute outfit:) Sara - that was the perfect word to put on a shirt for him because it totally fits his personality.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

He must be Butter...Cause he's on a roll

Trip to Lexington

We went to Lexington this past Saturday to visit my family and to a couples baby shower for our friends Benjy and Emilie Ingram. We are so excited for them and can't wait to meet Hannah!

This is my aunt Beth and cousin Rachel with Porter. We had a such a good time visiting with them:)

Me, Emilie, and Kelly - Love these ladies!

Porter at his first baby shower!

Betsy, me, and Ashley - Love these ladies too and miss my Cola friends!

This picture is for our Florida friends! I needed a shirt to match his navy pants and look what I found! Congrats to the Gators for their big SEC win!

Stay tuned - Porter rolled over yesterday!!! I'll try to post the video soon!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Visit from YaYa and Great YaYa

YaYa and Great YaYa came to visit us on Thursday. We met John for lunch at the Overlook Grill downtown. We wanted to take a walk around the park, but it was too cold. Too bad they didn't come today. It's absolutely gorgeous!

They were supposed to stay longer, but weren't able to because I had to take Porter to the dermatologist. He has terrible eczema. They gave him a prescription lotion, an antibiotic, a special shampoo, soap, and moisturizer. Well we used the shampoo, soap, and moisturizer Thursday night, and on Friday he had a rash all over his body! Bless his sweet heart! I felt so bad. Needless to say, we called the doctor and we stopped the soap and moisturizer. We have a follow up appt. on Thursday, so we'll let you know how he's doing then. Please keep him in your prayers:) It wouldn't bother me if it didn't bother him, but he has his hands in his head a lot scratching it.

This is a random picture I just had to post from our Superbowl party we had this past Sunday! I just thought it was funny:)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Play Time

Porter and I try to meet on Fridays with our friends Mary Teal and Benji. We usually walk if the weather is nice, but lately it's been too cold to take our boys outside, so last Friday we went to the Little Paris Cafe downtown for dessert and coffee. Well, Mary Teal had coffee. I don't drink coffee. I did have some very yummy dessert, though! Here are some cute pictures I took of our boys together. It was nice they were both awake. Usually one is sleeping:)