Monday, November 22, 2010

Recent Videos

Porter loves the cars that Aunt Joanne sent.

Porter singing in the car. He is so silly.

Porter sitting on a tractor.

Porter on the rocking horse.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I told you he was a monster...

So Maria and Porter went trick-or-treating on Saturday with some of the other kids from our Sunday school class. Porter did not quite catch on to the concept. Half the time he would say trick-or-treat and just walk off without getting any candy. Then there was that one time, when the lady opened the door, Porter decided it would be a great idea to go running into her house. Not only did he run into her house but he went all the way down the hall and GOT ON HER BED. He laid there and laughed. Maria was quite embarrassed to say the least. Hopefully next year he will do a little better with the candy.

Sunday night we went to the fall festival that the church put on. There were tons of people there. I helped man the cake walk while Porter played with dirt. The train ride was not as big of a hit this time around. He even said "I did not like the little train" on the way home. He was the cutest train engineer that you will ever see.

Porter loves his hat so much he was wearing it again today.