Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun in the Sun

We've been out of town every weekend in June, but we will be home this weekend!  I've enjoyed seeing everybody, but I'm looking forward to some time at home to catch up on some things around here, and maybe work in a nap:)  Last weekend we had a family reunion, my friend, Cathleen and her son Will came to stay with us last Tuesday, and this past weekend, we went home for a shag party that my dad puts on ever year. We invited John, Loren, and their son Joel who is 20 months old and David, Sarah and their son Benton, who is 17 months old. We stayed at my grandmother's house and we had a blast!! Joel and Benton had a great time playing together. Porter will be chasing them next year, but this year he just squealed and smiled a lot:)

It was great to see everybody at the party. My sister Rebecca, brought Haley to the party and she had so much fun. We've decided she has more energy as the day goes on. She just walked all over the farm and was covered in dirt, but enjoyed every minute.

Porter slept through most of the family reunion.

Porter loved spending time with cousin Patrick!

We stopped by to see our friends Ben and Emily and their new baby Hannah. What a beautiful little lady!

I can't believe we snapped this one with all of them in the air at the same time:)

Haley on the dance floor!

Porter with Momma.

Cathleen with Porter.

Click here for more pictures!

This one is for Sara

I saw this on the road yesterday and had to take a picture. Sorry you don't get the pleasure of Cheerwine up north.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Look Ma...No Teeth

So Porter loves to slam his rattle after he eats and show off the fact that he still has no teeth. Ironically enough, his shirt says "Teeth are over rated".

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where does the time go?

     So my dad informed Maria that it had been over a month since the last update on the blog. I am deeply sorry to all of those out there who's lives have been a little empty this past month without any updates. Well here you go. I will stop typing now since I know all anyone cares about are the pictures of Porter.

     We had our first family trip to the beach for our anniversary. Porter looked so cute in his swimsuit. We had to buy him some sunglasses and a hat since we left the one that cousin Michael bought Porter at home. If you can't tell, he is trying to eat the tag on the sunglasses.

In addition to our exciting beach vacation, Porter has been trying all kinds of new food. The only thing that he has not liked is peas. He loves everything else though.
Yep, those last two are peas.

Stay tuned...Porter is really close to crawling.