Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas '10

Sorry it took us a while to get this post up. We had a great Christmas this year. Porter was much more aware and was able to open his own presents. He left cookies and milk out for Santa on Christmas eve. He was very excited to see the empty plate and cup along with the note that Santa left for him. After we read Santa's note we sang happy birthday to Jesus.

After we checked out the note for a little while Porter realized that Santa brought more than just a note.
It is a slinky.

He loves his new tricycle.

Santa also brought Momma and Daddy some stuff too. Momma loves hers.

Checking out my new wool overcoat.

After we opened presents we hit the road for Sumter and Mayesville to spend time with family. Porter got lots of stuff at Yaya and Grandpa's house.

Then it was off to Grandaddy and Nana's house and out to the country with the extended family.

There is that slinky.

Luckily Gam a Gam made it back in time to see Porter before he left for Greenville.

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