Sunday, March 20, 2011

We Survived

So Shine 2011 was this weekend, and guess what, we survived. What is Shine 2011 you ask. Well, that is what our church called its Discipleship Now Conference this year. It started Friday night and ended this morning with the 11:30 service. It included more than 180 middle school and high school students as well as a number of college student leaders. There were more than 8 baptisms this morning at church of students who either gave their lives to Christ or were following up on a previous decision through their public profession of faith.

We were blessed to be able to play a small role in this weekend with the students. We were a host home for the weekend. There were 8 wonderful 8th grade girls in our home this weekend and 2 college leaders. Yes, Porter was here too and he hammed it up for the girls. I was worried about the girls being loud and waking Porter up at night, but he slept just fine.

The kids all worked really learning some dance moves which they showed off at Falls Park downtown. THEY WERE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Please check it out and tell your friends.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the show put on at the park. It was a delight to see the fun everyone had. May God bless each life!

Annie said...

Cool video.. way to go kids!